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a proven way of directing your mind away from anxiety, stress and pressure.

whether you’re looking for a fun fidget to keep you focused as you work or a fun way to free yourself from overwhelming situations.

the monkee is the STRETCHIEST, most compressible & utterly squishy toy you will EVER lay your hands on.

we use ultra expandable elastic material allowing you to streeeetch & mold the monkee into ANY shape

the most viral

tiktok toy ever

  • easily replaces hours of boredom 

  • ultra-durable so you can play for hours

  • suitable for all ages to play with & enjoy

  • decorate & design your space with the monkee

it's simple. there is no one specific way to use the monkee, that's the beauty of it!

you can throw, stretch, squeeze, smash, & mold your monkee into any shape you'd like!

helps reduce stress & anxiety
while anxiety, stress, and even learning
disorders such as ADHD can affect the entire
body, they most notably affect the hands and

the monkee is a calming mechanism that
gives people a way to keep their hands busy &
calm your nerves
helps eliminate bad habits
customers have reported that our monkee
helped them curb their undesired habits of nail
biting, hair pulling, and even phone addictions.
helps manage your emotions
Studies show that when you squeeze a stress
toy, your nerves & muscles stimulate & contract
which makes them stronger.

the strength improves the overall nervous
system, which reduces essential hormones
and can control your stress levels.

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